Pre-Order Functionality To Our Store - Back Again

Pre-Order Functionality To Our Store - Back Again

September 07, 2021

     We have added Pre-Orders for all our items. Most backordered items usually come to us within 6-12 weeks depending on supplier/manufacturer. Manufacturers like Diana can take up to 4-6 months! If any questions regarding pre-ordering a product , please email and or message us. We will give you a rough estimate when to expect the shipments in. Now all our estimates are by the suppliers/manufacturers and they are not always exact. So please keep that in mind especially in the times we are in where vaccine shipments are taking precedence over normal shipments! 

For Special order items, example the competition rifles and pistols, as always these orders are locked in. You will not be able to back out if things change since these are one off pieces. As always, reach out to us with any comments or concerns. 

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