Franzen Security Gun Combination Trigger Lock, Universal

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Combination trigger lock Works on most firearms, airguns & airsoft guns Universal fit Ergonomic design facilitates rapid installation No keys to lose; set your own personal combination Complies with applicable laws Set multiple combination trigger locks with same combination The lock is set to open at "000"

Instructions for setting the combination:

Put the lock in the open position by twisting the face of the lock (the half that displays the combination). Locate the set pin on the side of the lock. Using a ballpoint pen, push in the set pin and hold. Turn the dials one at a time to set your own code. Release the set pin after your code is set. Pull apart the lock halves and place the half with the combination over the triggerguard. Match the other half on the opposite side of the triggerguard and fit the shafts together. Press the lock together until it's unmovable. Remove by dialing the combination, twisting the face of the lock and pulling it apart.