Intellect 10.8 V 2300mAh Battery, NiMH, Mini-Tamiya Female Plug, Medium Nunchuck

$15.38 $47.83
Intellect 10.8 V 2300mAh battery NiMH Medium nunchuck type Mini-tamiya female plug 9 cells 1.2 V per cell 4/5A cell size Don't rely on an inferior AEG battery for extended airsoft skirmish play. This medium nunchuck battery by Intellect will keep your airsoft gun firing in the battlefield. The battery is compatible with ERA004 & EROA003 electric airsoft guns. Pick one up today! ATTENTION: Only use this battery in rifles that contain an M120 spring or higher. Damage to your gun's gearbox can result from using this battery with a lower powered spring.