Pellet Pen and Pellet Seater, Loads & Seats .177 Pellets

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Air Venturi Pellet Pen System with PellSet Holds up to 22 .177-cal. pellets (any .177 pellet fits) For breakbarrel air rifles and air pistols Correctly orients & loads pellets Unique PellSet seating tool adjusts for different seating depths to perfectly seat your pellets! Faster loading & seating Maximum stealth while hunting (no noisy pellet tins) Load & seat pellets even while wearing gloves No fumbling with awkward pellet containers Lanyard keeps everything conveniently located If lanyard gets caught or tangled, breakaway feature requires min. pressure to release Load pellets head first. To see all the features of the new Air Venturi Pellet Pen System with PellSet, click on the detail images and read the accompanying text.