Rocket Shot Target

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Daisy Rocket Shot Target

Reactive target for .177, .20, .22, and .25 caliber airguns that shoot lead ammo only Aim and fire at base target that when hit launches an aerial target for a fun follow-up shot Self-cocking spring mechanism Easy set-up and loading Target trigger diameter: 2.5" Width: 3" Height: 23.5" Made in the USA

The Rocket Shot Target is great fun for shooters of all ages. First you shoot the 2.5" spring-loaded target trigger that launches the target (can) 10 to 12 feet into the air, then you take your follow-up shot. You can experiment with your own reactive targets and load your system with a soda can, plastic bottle, whiffle ball, or anything else that is lightweight and fits in the auto-locking wide mouth.