Tactical LED Flashlight, 150 Lumens, 5 Functions, Handheld, Lanyard & Batteries

$34.95 $59.95
Tactical flashlight 5 functions: 3 brightness levels, strobe & SOS CREE Q5 LED 26mm integrated bulb reflector Push-button on/off tail switch Combat/tactical head Law-enforcement rated rolling stop shoulder 6V 150 max lumens (80 lumens/medium, 30 lumens/low) 2+ hrs battery operating time/high; 5+ hrs battery time/medium; 10+ hrs battery time/low 1" diameter 5.5" long 5.9 oz. Aluminum body Incl. 2 CR123A batteries & a lanyard This is an extremely useful and practical flashlight. If you haven't tried one of these terrific handheld lights, you're in for a big surprise. Not only is the light extremely bright, the tactical bezel on the head makes a dandy defense weapon! Put one in your glove compartment, tool box, nightstand and emergency preparedness kit. Women can easily fit one in their handbag. If you need a light, you've got it. If you need an emergency defense weapon, the UTG Tactical LED flashlight is a handy thing to have in your hand!