Tenergy Universal Smart Charger With Temperature Sensor for 6V-12V NiCad & NiMH Batteries

$29.95 $37.95
Smart charger For use with 6V-12V NiMH & NiCd battery packs Temperature sensor Charging light indicator Large & small Tamiya adaptor Auto trickle charge function 100V-240V input 20V output 4-hour safety timer 1.0A & 2.0A current levels Selectable output switch 1.5"x2.36"x4.67" 0.6lbs Enjoy extended airsoft skirmish play? This universal smart charger by Tenergy will charge your airsoft gun so you'll be ready to compete on the battlefield. This charger has 1.0A & 2.0A outputs that are selectable by switch. 1100 to 2000 mAh battery packs should be charged with the 1.0A setting to avoid overheating your gun's battery. The smart charger also has a temperature sensor and automatically shuts off when your battery is full. ATTENTION: Do NOT charge the battery pack with capacities less than 1000 mAh or greater than 5000 mAh.